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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 3, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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nonsense style and tough on both sides. she was a little ragged. looked like she had a rough night. and i'm jealous she got the interview with the nurse. let me know what you think. see you tomorrow night 6:00 p.m. welcome to "hannity." and this is a fox news alert. the votes are in and the results are being tallied in the highly anticipated 2014 midterm elections. now, in addition to the new polls04z>÷ showing the republic party holding on to the momentum in several key senate races, the "new york times" is also predicting that the gop has a "the washington post" has it at 96%. and nate silver at 74%. cnn has it at 95% as well. back with us tonight to tell us where things stand on this election eve, the host of america's newsroom, we're at the "hannity" billboard. >> 24 hours to go, right? >> 24 hours to go. >> we've been doing this, right, for a month, right?
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>> little more than that. >> i'm going to back into a little bit of a what-if scenario and then take you to what we've seen in iowa over the past 48 hours and what we're seeing in colorado and try to make sense of this, rwpokay. what a scenario, 55-45 is your opening mark, right? it is generally believed you're going west virginia blue to red, same for south dakota and same for montana, right? we've been saying that for almost a month. >> pretty much a done deal. >> heads to south dakota for a little while but -- so now you're at 48. arkansas is polling well toward the republicans. so for the sake of this scenario we're going to go ahead and give arkansas. >> tom cotton at -- get you to 51? remember, republicans have a lot of ways to do it.q>r6s democrats have a few ways to prevent them from doing that. back here to iowa now. all right, joni ernst running a pretty good campaign. this is what we picked up over the weekend. okay. you have a solid des moines register poll.
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>> the final@nq poll by the de moines register. >> and well-respected from everybody who watches this. joni ernst over the 50% mark with a seven-point lead on brucç braley, but earlier today -- >> there's always a but. >> just around 9:00 this morning quinnipiac came out and look what they have this race. >> we've been doing this for weeks now. >> you're right about that. the real clear average, the thing for joni ernst, the real clear average still has her in the lead. the polling in the past four to five weeks has her with a consistent lead, just a few polls has braley topping her in the polls. so perhaps, you know, iowa maybe that's a pickup. >> i'm going to have my predictions at the end of the show. >> okay. >> put it in the column at 50-50, tie go to joe biden. >> correct on that. by the way, iowa closesr0x at 10 eastern time tomorrow night, right when "hannity" is on. >> exactly. >> come out to colorado. republicans are going to turn that from blue to red as well.
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>> cory gardner. >> the secretary of state comes out about every three days with the number of mail-in ballots, statewide mail-in race now that have been returned. republicans lead democrats by about 108,000. it is a lot of votes. a lot of unaffiliated voters too that people believe will go 50-50, but we'll see. if republicans get it -- >> they've got control of the senate. >> they're at 51. we haven't even talked about alaska deep into the night. what we also have not talked about, sean, is what happens over here on the east )>brgst. north carolina's at 7:30, new hampshire's at 8:00. i believe both of these races right now -- >> pick them. too close to call. >> i think it's a coin toss. &háhp &hc% >> i agree with you. >> i'll tell you how close it is in new hampshire. in new hampshire there were two polls that came out today. one had brown up by one, the other had shaheen up by one. >> really remarkable stuff. i know one thing you're very keen on right now. and that's the -- well, this0d÷ gardner and udall in colorado.
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he's up two points in the quinnipiac survey. the real clear average has gardner with a slight lead. i mean, he bumps up two and a half right now. but you are very keen right now. k and figure out the disapproval/approval numbers of the president. we can show you some of these key state s right now on the screen behind us where we believe things are right now in iowa, kansas and north carolina. chief. bottom line here -- >> very high. these are very low numbers for any president. and historically you always see in the six-year midterm you always see it's a very tough year usually for the party in power, and that's the democratic party. >> and i think a lot of people would not take exception to that. if kay hagan wins in north carolina, that would be a major campaign she had run for the democrats. in iowa if bruce braley loses, maybe you kind of understand the way the winds are blowing. so what happens here in kansas with pat roberts and greg orman?
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that too i believe right now is a coin toss. >> i would agree with you. i'll give a slight edge to pat roberts because he's been surging. greg orman has been hesitant in affiliations. this number i think would put roberts over the top. and they also haven't#+v voted democrats in the senate since 1932. that's history there. >> we'll watch for the next 58 minutes and see what you think, sean. >> because at the end of the show i will give my predictions on what the results are going to and that's coming up. thank you. so keeping all those numbers in mind, what is the vibe from the white house just one day ahead of this highly anticipated election? fox news chief white house correspondent our friend ed tonight. if there's one symbol of maybe what they're thinking, i saw the images of philly and they cut an arena in half and even then they had half of those seats empty. >> sean i was there at temple philadelphia.
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in the president's defense he had over 5,000 people there. on a sunday night, nfl time, a lot of people are distracted. i have to say i'd rather have been watching the nfl perhaps than be i+sj a political rally from either party. 5,000 people no small achievement. but you're right, there was a black curtain in the middle of the arena. were so many empty seats. they decided to cut that arena in half to fill that up and still didn't quite fill that. still some empty seats in the upper deck. it shows you why a lot of democrats around the country,ñi especially in those key senate races that bill hammer was part of the president. instead he was in philly because there's the pennsylvania governor's race where the democrats are pretty safely in command there. so it was a lot safer to send him there. mixed message from the white house as theytx) try to temper expectatio expectations. remember the president said i'm not on the ballot but my policies are. vote for democrats if you want to push minimum wage, immigration reform, et cetera. that made it sound like consequential in terms of the
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midterm election. but today josh earnest suggested it's not that big a deal because key races are in red states ìáhp &hc% popular. listen. be wise to draw as broad a conclusion about the presidential election. simply by virtue of theñr map a 8k facts798 those states where this contest is taking place. that said, this election is extraordinarily scl >> so again, on one handi] not that important, on the other hand very important. also interesting because sort of suggesting they like the çórulsn 2012 whenp, democrats won b8l. but now if there'sj:ñ going toør they obviously won't lw$u$at.seb,yxáhp &hc% look at this "the wall street ww4)hthis, wideñ majority sayin hexd needs to change his leadership whenfr)tá)q" how muc change they want from the president in terms of how he)i1
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quite a bit ofzo7xd change from the president,wlcñ lv starting wednesday to change course. >> all right, ed,xd one way or find out t although maybeñi not. baier in a minute. in new hm5ájut newnbñi reports thatt( incumbent senator jean shaheen's campaign is very ñ tomorrow to the republican scott brown. the new hampshire union leader editorial page editor joins us now. he has the very latest on the ground. drew. >> thanks, e1sean. here ióçó new hampshire scott brown has really given shaheen a much closer tighter race than i think she expected. you can see that in the lastñi week or so. morejfgpí4ç stressed. sent out 22 e-mails compared to seven from scott brown to the medialu ñr(t to their supporter.
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to her supporters begging to get out to vote, very sort of panicked tones. she hadñr hillary clinton to campaign for her on sunday. they went to a democratic city, they went to nashua where9 johy snunu in 2008 --icw.dañ(gh%[ in turnout numbers and maybelp worried if they don't get their own base to turn out they'll lose it. coverage in the fox news channel baier. baier. po you. >> i know. it's looking good. >> they didn't dov k3ññi that f. well, one thing we may not -- we're not going to know for sure what the full results are tomorrow night.zkñ but we may know if theçó republicans took over the senate. >> we may.?; if there is this -- even if it's a ripple early and you get a win in either north carolina or new hampshire, that's going to set ton. and it's possible as yout(a.jf
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throug$ with bill that yeu know that fánight. but the other possibility islp> night. and louisianalp looks like it's heading to a ñirunoff december 6th. and the possibility they don't january 6th. if you think about it, the senate will be convening on januaryxd 3rd. january 6th would be the runoff in georgia ifñrc14]ñ potentiall hinging on ñithat. you could have a9ñ scenario thh that republicans have a wind at their back. >> i think therrue cegéi%9 ñr things. montana, west virginia, they're in the republican column, pretty safe to say.lpok safe to say.lpok colora -÷ is looking corybn) gardner.4hñ then we have dan sullivan in?5f alaska. although we're not going to know by the time you leave the9 air tomorrow night whether or not we have 8% rural votes and sometimes could take as lfíf as a week,2,ñ right? >> they arexd historically slown alaska. the polls close atñr 1:00 a.m.c eastern time. i xdmean, he count alaska. so if it's close at all,
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alaska's goingq to be into the morning before we know. the times tn. áju when people tune into fox and your t(ñrcoverage. 8:00, what do we expect? >> soañ÷6:00 is when our covera starts. and the first polls close at 7:00. we're going to be able to make some calls each time the polls close, the ones that are wide open. and based on both the raw vote total that's already in and the exit polls, we can make assumptioñprbassumptions, our d can. but i think in a lot of these races because they're one(.bduuz points, it's going to take a long time into the night, probably the 9:00, 10:00 hour is going to be the real go-zone. >> that's when you'll hear fox news can now project. >> project /qx, y and z. >> we always get thesenb exit election day when i'm on the a report, exit polling data. gives us information, historically it has been very
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inaccurate. what ) we to make of that? >> i think they're trying to do a better job of that. you're right. a couple of elections it was exactly opposite in some of the reading of the votes. what happens this time is that there's so much early voting. for example, in colorado by the ÷ç?$ @r(t&háhp &hc% -ját raw vote total already in because of the male-in ballots. so there will be very little to point. >> yeah. so if we were to go through the states, and as you examine the polls, you study them every day. i study the real clear politics average. where do you seeñi greatest picp potential for republicans? where do you see it too close to call? >> i think there's a lot that are too close to call. i think there's a danger iná georgia for republicans. >> kansas. >> kansas is really the biggest question mark. because no one can give you a straight answer. kansas is supposed to be tr(t&háhp &hc% like these polls are matching
7:13 pm i think pat roberts is, you know, possibly vulnerable. but in the last few days you're right to point out there has been a movement thereú)pá if kansas, they feelñi on the grou that kansas is going to come around. 1e on i thought new hampshire was a lock for the democrats. seeçó this surge by scott brown. do you think that's in play? >> i mean, it's definitely in play. and i think when you hear. shaheen camp concerned about things, i think that's legitimate.i+pñ i don't think at the beginning of this election that it was onm the republicans we've got this list. >> what about north carolina? another state too close to call. last week there were two polls that came out tie, tie. there was ai0$rj poll that came tillis was up by a couple today -- orf5.) i think it was yesterday. >> everything looksú.a pretty decent for kay hagan. it's a matter inñr georgia and north carolina of getting outñr the african-american communities for her and for michelle nunn.
7:14 pm
it's possible that they hold on there. but, you know, again it all dependsñi as[t" we say every ti it's cliche who comes out. and if there is anyfá incentive  lean and when thew3 flop happens ando they split all thes7 ÷votes, y would think that it would favor 8mpenvironment. in this probably goes on until -- >> 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m. we'll see. >> bret wúzhybaier, good to see. we'll be-bl+ watching tomorrow night. 6:00 on fox news channel. ÷t( "hannity". >> if my name had been john ernst attached to my resume, senator harkinfá would not have said those things. >> the left sinking to a new low. we'll play you senator harkin's full remarks. that and more this busy newsxd night this election eve edition of "hannity." this season,
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⌝6w over the weekend another example of the left'sçó very disrespect% ' female candidates this election cycle is brought to light. this time it ca/yvbñ from retir democratic senator tom harkin of iowa. and he tookzqwj aim at the republican woman that is running
7:18 pm
to á0ureplace him, joni ernst. take a lookxd at this. >> joni ernst, she's really attractive, and she sounds nice. i don't care if she's as good i don't care if she' taylor sw nice as mr.riç rogers. but she's no michelle obama. she's wrong for the state of iowa. >> and earlier today ernst, a combat veteran angñ a mom, was n fox & friends responding. take a look at this. >> i was very offended that senator harkinq)ña" d would say. i think it's unfortunate that he and many of their party believe 1(ou're conservative and you're female. if my name had been john ernst harkin would not have said those things. >> here with reaction are larry sabato,a5 center fors7 politi frank luntz, co-hostñr andrea
7:19 pm
tantaros isvgfc with us. i can't believe that and you have this other guy using the word -- and laughing about #m#(. about"$ra nicki haley. >> it is so stupid.32iq you'll remember when the comment about older senators madeñi comments about her weight and she got a ton of (4&press. the media was all over this. the media's barelyçó touching ts one. it's like tom harkin would have said that in the senators lounge. he made the taylor swift reference like if joni were standing in front of him he would have patted herñr on the head and say you're so nice but you don't have a liq&e brain. >> let's talk about the mistakes in this campa] dk those two mistakes that weñi ju talked about. marypéxárqu basically saying her state is racist andñi sexis. michelle nunn in a debate last
7:20 pm
night wouldn't say whether she would have voted for obamacare. nobody wants to admit theyxd wod have voted or did vote for xd obama. those are pretty big -- >> what do they all have in common? the republican has taken the lead in all three states. there's desperation there. my job is to understand how voters react to things like this and watch the modeling. in iowa even though there's a good democratic turnout in this joni ernst wins. she spoke about the issues and did kot in a bright way, in an uplifting way rather than negative. infá louisiana mary landrieu's pt'ot nearly enough to win the t runoff in andba" michelle nunn -- >> you have two republicans inx that race. and one nkt democrat. look at those two numbers combined. >> five points. she's down five points.b. and every week she seems to fall another point. and in georgia once again the advertising campaign.ñr michelle nunn had an advanta(ys for about a week when she was focusedhgt on david purdue's
7:21 pm
outsourcing. when it came back to her and how she would ym;mvote, watch numbe larry, i have here sabado's you have released justni;÷y ear predictions. >> yes. we actually justóe#u called the final nine races. we called the other 498 sometimes months in advance. but essentially we have -- we've said consistently that we thought theká! republicans wou get 51 to 53 seats in the senate. we've now settled one/+ iñ=m&yxd louisiana and possiblest:zñ runf georgia. it does not include north carolina and new hampshire. we still have themi]çó leaning the i]nkts, but it's awfully q close. don't be surprised if t@q#qráhp' states. [ overlapping speakers ] >> you have republicans picking up colorado, alaska, iowa, arkansas, louisiana.
7:22 pm
>> yeah. and of course west virginia, south dakota and montana.x64tv look, that's a lot of seats in one year. that's a pretty big pickup to go from 55 democrats to 53 republicans. and, you know, plus or minus one or two. you know how these things go. democrats hold on. >> i'm going to hold my fire to the end of the show. i'm going to go to the "hannity" big board and give my predictions. andrea, what do you got? >> i think the republicans take the senate. i don't think they should get too overconfident. as frank was mentioning turnout is everything. i think at the end this will tell a story about how democrats tried an old playbook with the war on women in certain states like colorado. and i think it will show it fell flat on its face. which is >> give me a number. what do you got?nñ >> 53. >> frank? >> i think it's going to be 58i. but we're forgetting the house races. all the house needs is nine seats and they get a high
7:23 pm
majority than they've had since 19 -- about the time pat roberts was born. and that will be very helpful to them as they work with the senate to try to get legislation through. f1 oching.é! by the way, watch and dra tomorrow night. she's hosting a special event from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. online. you can catch her at >> not just me. a lot of fox stars will be there. make sure to join. >> she'll be covering the election tomorrow night with a bunch of other big name fox news hosts. coming up, it's election eve and democrats appear to be flat out desperate. we're going to explain the new lows they have hit in order to influence voters at the polls. and coming up, analysis and "duck dynasty" headed to washington, the one and only phil robertson drops by along with his nephew running for office to explain tomorrow's outcome and why people should vote for godly men. that's all straight ahead.
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in any language, that's...gateway to the world friendly. welcome back to "hannity." so the midterm elections are just hours away. and in the senate race in north carolina between incumbent democrat kay hagan and republican tom tillis, it's very close. in an attempt to sway voters to the left, democrats have begun to play the race card. fox's own chris wallacer,n ask democratic senator ben carton about just that. take a look. >> why does it make sense to tie tom tillis, who is the house speaker, the state house speaker in north carolina, to the shooting of trayvon martin in úutátj it make any sense except as playing the race card? >> well, i think you're isolating one particular part of the north carolina race. i know that kay hagan/c q -- >> i'm just played an ad paid
7:27 pm
for by your leader. >> i can tell you that race has been run on the issues. #v are proud the way that race has been won. >> claim there's no race politicking, pundits from both sides of the aisle czbdisagree. take a look. >> with the desperation come into play when you don't have any arguments. >> we've seen six years of obamaism and actually the and the ambitions, it's the fact they are just incompetent. >> i am just as dismayed by the persistence of race and politicians pushing the race button in american politics. they do it for short-term gain, but there's long-term consequences of ñ.zifthis. we see this in the ferguson and trayvon martin shooting alike. >> former democratic congressman dennis kus niche, let's play the radio add1
7:28 pm
was played. >> tillis won't fight for us. instead, he made it harder for people to vote by restricting voter registration. and pass the stand your ground law that caused the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> you agree, congressman, that's the race card, right? we don't have to argue about that. >> well, there's a race dimension certainly. as is there a racial dimension to voter suppression. as is there a racial dimension to the economy right now with such massive unemployment and underemployment of35w african-americans. so, you know, race is a factor in our society. you have to -- >> but these democrats in close races feel they're going to lose so they're trying to gin up anger in this case to one of their core constituency, the black community. they're playing the race card, dividing us. let me put up a screen, a flooier in north carolina that actually reads if kay hagan will begin. vote in 2014. the words are superimposed as
7:29 pm
you can see over a grainy ?afz5 reproduction of a photograph that appears to be a lynching. if you go in michelle nunn's case and she was asked about this, do you have one of two young black kidsku(> well, of course it is. and i agree with juan williams. i mean, the8>ht residue of thi persists for years. it makes people hate each other. you don't want ethnic politics in your country. loom;2u'd the world. most other countries areédíri by it. peop
7:30 pm
election's very predictable. white, old versus young, rich versus poor, man versus woman. this is their whole strategy. is that because their policies have failed? would you say barack obama's policies and those who voted with him 99% of the time do you think we're better off with his six years leadership? >> my difference is with obama leadership with respect to the economy are well known. it is notable that the united states elected an african-american president in 2008. it's also notable that here we are in 2014 and you have a high level of unemployment, underemployment among african-americans, a massive redistribution of wealth that tookg meltdown where so many people in country lost their tihomes. that's?1av all fact. there, look, there's]iñ no excu for race baiting. there's nd@; excusejf for the
7:31 pm
pat the same time there's no excuse for the;ñ the united states. >> by who? >> i agree with a lot of what the congressman just said. not theçó voter suppression par. but the fact black voters have reallyuflp suffered under the o economy. i mean, the irony is that fewer black americans are of working 7(dp)e working than at any time an 40s. so how is that a victory? maybe it's a symbolic victory on the shallowest level, but it's actually a disastrous failure for black voters. >> tucker, look at what mary landrieu said. that her state hasn't been friendly to blacks od÷ to women. comments. then you've got the opponent of nicki haley using the word -- to describe her, laughing about it, yucking it up with the crowd, not saying i'm sorry. >> you know what i'm against i have to say, i'm againstxd playg the v/p4 57oi card. i'm against anybody in power, who's riching running fo$ñq
7:32 pm
>> calling a woman -- >> for a two-term or three-term senator from louisiana to say i'm the victim of sexism, ñi really? you're one of the hundred most victim because of his lprace. he's the most powerful$< person÷ planet earth is g]$p victim, whs not a victim? ought tozv reject that. >> dennis, give you the last >> well, you know,jf certainly  tone of the election is somethingçócw3 that is regrettad and at thepá's even $100 million is being spent on the election in north carolina, $100 million in other states in senate@l93 senate races. we're at a/÷ politicalrroñ guile right ñihere. no matter how the election turns out, all the analysis of the election east going to be skewed by the fact maybe $2 billion has this is a disgrace upon0láñiot disgrace. >> all i]right, congressman,@(ik you. you get the last word. coming up next tonight right udce on "hannity". he has purposely triedxd to use
7:33 pm
race to divide americans.ú%bpñ >> well, ben stein not mincin54ñ words. coming up next, dr. benjamin carson will join us with >> çówjuxñrhey,xd louisiana, bi guns brought us(y(uñ here. and bibles and guns willñi keeps here. wç in both. washington.çóco( phil%gr robertson and his nephe coming up next, that and more coming up here on this busy news night on "hannity." want to know how hard it can be... breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating,
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fe% watch this. than ever. about? sub sigh dized health care than been in america. race to divide americans. xd knows it's hogwash. >> joining me now with okreacti, the author of a brand new book, dr. benjamin carson. most of the statistics that, ben, we're using is true. we've got 15 million americans on food stamps. we've had a very high increase i don'tkm6 view the president racist as much ase1 af"mñ rigid radical idealogue on the left.oñ what is your g  right.
7:40 pm
se, but his ideal of what conske9q:)háhe ideals of the founders of this nation. 60 w of progressive 4]dképolicies.  they have done is they have halted to tremendous4hñ progress particularly in the % this is a community very strong historically that withstood the tragedies of slavery 8y?z the postñ slavery erañi?; and segrn and still with strong had in tact families had values. and thenrp3mñxd oncee1 the prog left began to bestow all their wonderfulness on this community, that's when it really began toñ disintegrate. emphasized is in the black<  community today in america worth of wealth. they need to
7:41 pm
creates wealth. reach ñrback, pull others with you. we need to be talking aboutñi wt happens when a young girl has a babyxdx8kgb out of wedlock. her education stops. >> i view the president as thex radicalt( idealogue, incompeten and a little xdnarcissistic. those are my descriptions of him. let me give one statistic, there are many i can put up, but this one i put up is black americans on food stamps. 6 million in 200. and just in four short years it's 11 million. just shy of 11 million. that's nearly a doubling of the number of black americans on food stamps. yet 95% of the black community . why? >> right. because people are becoming dependent. and it's inner generational policies. now, i think this is a wonderful opportunity, quite frankly, for
7:42 pm
republicans to present1 a different picture, a way up and out of poverty. we need to start talking about some of the programs like microlending that allow people through their own efforts to rise. i think many americans would be happy to invest in their fellow americans to seei@io them move dependency. we're going to have to find a way to allow all of those mother who is have given birth to be able to get their ged, be able to get their associates, masters degrees and become self-reliant and teach that to their families. that's how we breakuuhz these cs of dependency. but we're going to have to think aboutv2%u$ese things and put the programs out there. republicans are going to win tomorrow. )át)q" with that. we're going to have to put out programs that:ñ29x are understae and intelligible and work. >> a bold vision. try and offer solutions. and we'll be dealing with that from wednesday night forward. dr. carson, good to see you,
7:43 pm
sir. are you running for president? >> i'm watching very carefully what the people want me to do. >> i'm just teasing. i've asked you before. i know you'll tell us when coming up next tonight here on "hannity". >> hey, louisiana, bibles and guns brought us here. and bibles and guns will keep us here. zack dasher believes in both. >> all right. "duck dynasty" headed to washington. who may be the next member of congress from monroe. that straight ahead. go, go, go, go, go! doesn't take a holiday. but add brand new belongings from nationwide
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i'm phil robertson:xz and o tuesday ms. kay and i are voting for zack dasher. he loves his family. he's got a seventh heart. he knows his bible. he's a good man. >> welcome back to "hannity." that was none other than the "duck dynasty" patriarch in a new political ad endorsing his nephew zack dasher. he's hoping to win louisiana's fifth district tomorrow and he joins me with his famous uncle, phil robertson. good to see you. >> i'm doing good, my man. look, i've " beenk
7:49 pm
with tnéwñ same council i gave you, hannity, never leave home without your bible and your woman. especially if you're going to get into politicz cf1 o >> the bible -- maybe you should add gun to the list too considering the world's so violent today. all right. you made a statement, phil, the other day that america should and you talked in that ad about zach having a servants / menta. they go together, don't they? >> do they ever. i'm giving zach the same advice that john adams told his wife  sons revere nothing but religion, morality and freedom. and he would be a happy, happy man. and that's what basically i'm telling my little nephew here. religion, morality and freedom. only way to go. >> zach, if i was running for office, i would want my government -- i'd fight to declare that radical islam is the enemy of this country and i
7:50 pm
would call it what it is right now. >> yeah! >> okay, one. i would secure america's borders, number two, i think it's immoral to rob our children and spend more money than we take in. i'd spend within our means. and balance the i'd have energy independence. simple. i think would make a big difference. . >> i like it, sean. i add to begin with as i would cut the government in half and clean out and i'd shoot ducks. do you know what i'm say something >> what you're hitting on, though, these stem from the same problem. this agenda is advanced because because of the declaration of the independence, the rights come from the creator. looking at something like
7:51 pm
obamacare, it's a federal take over whether it's common core, which is azd(ñ federal take ove all of these things come back to the same thing we need to preserve the constitution. we can't do that until preserving the declaration of independence. >> yes. west monroe, i would vote for you tomorrow. >> you need to get out of new york city. >> get out here. >> they don't want me here ñh very to re because work here. zach? >> you're welcome here. >> i've been at your place i want to eat steak with you any day. that is a lot of fun. and have you to teach me how to duck hunt. >> get down here. >> real quick, zach, what do you think about the republican party? . >> i think they have been timid.
7:52 pm
and and i would like to see the rin party be bold.  into 2008, we had control of the senate, house, white house we expand%) wx the size of the federal government more than any point in history. it's not just enough for republicans to gain control we have to provide true leadership, and i think have to provide ideas for free markets and free societies i'm not going up there to be a rubber stamp for the e'party. >> one of the reasons i like yov andq
7:53 pm
that is how we know.[:b(x do you understand? >> came forth from my sister's loins. >> zach, good to see you both. >> you have my full endorsement. >> coming up, i'll explain, my picks for tomorrow's big 7xzap % straight ahead. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking.
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he found it cleans everythingg a book afrom stovetops eraser, to scuffed shoes and more. and when he ran out of pages he made a website instead. share your tips at it says here that increases at the age of 80. helps reduce the risk of heart disse. keep hrt-healthy. live long. eat the 100% goodness of post shreddedheat. doctorrecommend it. welcome back to vg6pez"hann. day. what is my prediction forko tomorrow's election? we're backñr with hannity bigt( scenario. conventional wisdom,xd west virginia you've got-pá will turn red then we havexd south dakota. ñi
7:59 pm
now, 52-48.fá"n my prediction is that scory gardener will win in the state úséllivan i. these two, arkansas, i believe have you a pick up there with tom cotton. so this state of rykx kansas i' going to stick with stayinguci' very close race. two states i say are too close to call are the states offo: no carolina and new hampshire. now, we want toq hearñi from yo. you can make predictions head over to facebookw3ht and twitt, you can find it. a@ he says.d it.
8:00 pm
that is the time we have leftc we'lg÷xee you back here with the results wednesday night. thanks for joining us. >> the o'reilly factor is on tonight! >> we need a democratic senate and you need to go protest the republicans. >> president obama making a last appeal but the odds are heavily against democrats holding the senate. we'll have analysis from paul rowe, and ron williams. >> this is a good story. >> the story is that we should never leave our veterans behind, not just in conflict, but in civilian life. >> sergeant andrew tahmooressi finally free by mexico. we have the inside story. megan kelly on that. >> now who is running? you are. >> also ahead, waters world, the election day


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